Entry fee $50 plus $5 for big bass

2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month

10 boats and under will pay 60% of fees for 1st place and 40% for 2nd place. Big Bass pays $5 per boat.
Over 10 boats will pay 1st place 50%, 2nd place 30% and 3rd place 20%. Big bass pays $5 per boat.
Entry fees must be paid to an orgaizer or designated person before blast off.
Only 2 anglers per boat. Each boat must have one angler 60 years old or older.


1. Scales will be considered correct. Should malfunction occur, only remaining bags will be weighed on replacement scales. (Organizers do not presently own tournament style scales and will be doing the best we know how to utilize fair measures).
2. Organizers reserve the right to refuse anyone from entering at any time
3. All local, state and federal laws must be obeyed.
4. Only black bass will be weighed in.
5. Organizers may cancel due to an eventful weather event or other unforeseen event. (Should such an event occur, all money will be refunded). 6. Shoud a tie happen the prize for that position and the next position(s) will be added together and distributed equally among the tied teams. 7. Decisions of the organizerss are final. Protest must be made prior to pay out of prizes.
8. A boat disqualified will not receive a refund!
9. If in the opinion of the organizers, a fish is judged, not likely to live, it will be deemed a dead fish and a 1/2 pund penalty will be applied.
10. Any questions about the guidelines should be clarified by organizers prior to blast off.
11. Dead fish not eligible for big bass prize.

This should be fun

Jackie Brown: 706-594-2526
Alvin Ginn: 770-328-2879